The Tuff Cable floor warming product is a 10 gage heating element that creates

resistance heating when a specific amount of volts provided by a step down

transformer is passed through it (typically 50 volts or less). The low voltage

nature of the Tuff Cable makes it safe, long lasting, and maintenance free.


Most radiant heating systems on the market today are high voltage (120 to 240 volts) that hardwire directly into a thermostat and run throughout the floor. The feeling of safety that comes from knowing that your low voltage Heatizon system is gently operating at 32 volts or less under your wet bathroom floor is priceless. In addition to the low voltage safety, the Heatizon control box is also fitted with a self diagnosing computer board. This board certifies that the systems is operating at proper temperatures and shuts the system off under any abnormal conditions. It also turns its self off every 29 minutes to run a self checking diagnostic. The LED lights make it convenient to check the status of your system. Heatizon is the safest floor warming system in the world!

The Control Box houses the computer board and low voltage transformer that continually monitors the system as it safely produces luxurious warmth and comfort.


The Tuff Cable resistance heating element is manufactured of the finest materials. It does not corrode and is resistant to chemicals and oils. The low voltage aspect makes makes the product outlast its competition multiple times over.


With no moving parts to replace or maintain, the Tuff Cable low voltage floor warming system is virtually maintenance free.


Floor Warming With Tuff Cable

The Tuff Cable floor warming product is an incredibly durable radiant floor warming element. With minimal floor build up requirements, and the ability to determine the length of the element on the job, the Tuff Cable has little impact on your tile installation. It also boasts the longest warranty in the industry. The Tuff Cable is very economical product for floor warming in areas of 200 to 430 sq. ft.

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