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Floor Warming Small Areas with Cable

Floorizwarm is the most advanced radiant floor warming system available for small areas. This product was designed specifically for areas from 14 to 110 square feet. Each system comes with free standing pre-sized heating element perfect to fit any room shape.


The Floorizwarm series Control Box houses the low voltage transformer that converts 120 Volts down to 24 Volts or less, safely producing luxurious warmth and comfort for your small area application.


Floorizwarm uses Tuff Cable Technology, a resistance heating element manufactured of the finest materials. Tuff Cable is a 10-12 gage heating element resistant to chemicals found in mud bed, thin set, concrete and other mortar applications. With 30 volts or less running through multiple strands, your low voltage radiant heating element can outlast its competition.


With no moving parts to replace or maintain, the Floorizwarm low voltage floor warming system is virtually maintenance free.


The tuff cable is installed in your thin set, mud bed, or concrete slab. It comes in a roll of free standing cable and has the ability to be installed perfectly to fit your room shape and size. Unlike a line voltage mat, the Tuff Cable is very flexible regarding lengths of element used. It can also be "jumpered" from one room to the next meaning you can heat multiple rooms on one system.

Tuff Cable can also be installed into all cement mortar applications including rock, stone, slate, travertine, ceramic tile and more. This makes it versatile, allowing it to be used for driveway snow melting and roof deicing, in addition to floor warming and total space heating.


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